About Rocksucker

About Rocksucker

At Rocksucker.co.uk, we see music as falling into only two different categories: good and bad. We are both passionate and relentless in our coverage of both strands, manifesting itself in a constant stream of reviews, features and big-name interviews.

Established in 2009, Rocksucker.co.uk has gone on to interview such world-famous artists as Meat Loaf, Madness, Ian Brown, The Stranglers, Joan Armatrading, Peter Hook, The Undertones, The Vaccines, Elbow, Jethro Tull and many, many more.

Our dedicated readership have come to rely on us for our outspoken write-ups of all the latest musical releases, and we continue to make waves around the world with our recently established Rocksucker Radio podcast and active social media.

Our weekly singles round-ups are a constant source of hilarity, outrage and guidance, while our team of writers is ever-expanding.

Since we live and breathe music, we thought it only right to write about it too; fortunately, the world wide web has taken notice and we make every effort to feature new and unsigned artists by their own merits rather than by who sends us the most press releases.

Rocksucker.co.uk: keeping abreast of the music world’s ample bosom so that you don’t have to.

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