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Review: Ground Pilots – In the Way of the Oceans

Published on February 3rd, 2014 | Jonny Abrams

There has been no little anticipation for Ground Pilots’ debut album In the Way of the Oceans at Rocksucker HQ, its four lead-up releases “Castaway”, “The Entire World”, “A Billion Things” and “Talk to Me” all meriting inclusion in a Best of This Week’s Singles round-up.

“Talk to Me” in particular is quite, quite brilliant, a Liverpudlian troubadour plonked into wonderland by the kind of imaginative, technicolourful production that is simply beyond the numerous more earthbound singer/songwriters of our age.

Its rattling, shuffling rhythm section and staccato swipes of dissonant strings make for a really striking opener, a serene psychedelia which provided quite the curve ball in terms of our expectations for the LP, released as it was following the La’s/Beta Band hybrid of a “A Billion Things” and the sublime rambler’s lilt of “Castaway” (there is also a track here titled “The Rambler”, splendourous it is too).

Fourth single “The Entire World” is most indicative of the album’s overall flavour, a big ballad exploding with soulful harmonies and subtly ecstatic progressions, while the classy late-night drive of “In Your Dreams” could easily be a single too.

Elsewhere, “America” sounds like an agreeably reined-in version of something from Villagers’ {Awayland} album of last year, dark and brooding with a softly seething sort of menace to it, and In the Way of the Oceans ends strongly with the suitably tempestuous “Trouble”, celestial bedtime ballad “Goodbye” and the stirring, semi-instrumental title track.

We like the experimental stuff best, but there’s much to commend it all for. A splendid debut, as anticipated.

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Rocksucker says: Four Quails out of Five!

a quaila quaila quaila quail


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