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Mogwai: a chronological playlist (part 2)

Published on January 20th, 2014 | Jonny Abrams

You’ve had part 1 of our chronological Mogwai playlist, and so it follows that we bring you part 2…

“Kids Will Be Skeletons” (from 2003 LP Happy Songs for Happy People)

An immense sweeping wave of calm, as if Young Team opener “Yes! I Am a Long Way from Home” was watching the sun set and remembering the good times. One of the great stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks Mogwai recordings.

“Ratts of the Capital” (from 2003 LP Happy Songs for Happy People)

The other side of the Happy Songs… coin: dissonant, doom-laden, explosively climactic, jaw-droppingly portentous. Stunning stuff.

“I Chose Horses” (from 2006 LP Mr Beast)

A whirring, chattering and oddly soothing penultimate track on an album that sounds for the most part like a piano making its way through scenes of apocalypse.

“7.25” (from Mogwai’s 2006 soundtrack for Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait)

Mogwai were the perfect band to soundtrack a film about Zinedine Zidane: they share the legendary French footballer’s ability to burst into life from a position of apparent languidness, not to mention the brooding, ethereal brilliance. “7.25” glides like the perfect through-ball or run into space.

“Scotland’s Shame” (from 2008 LP The Hawk Is Howling)

A soft onslaught (if such a thing is possible) of blaring, squelchy noise that climaxes gradually and engulfs all in its sensory spheres. Mogwai just Mogwai-ing about being Mogwai.

“Death Rays” (from 2011 LP Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will)

On an album full of first-class Mogwai cuts, “Death Rays” clinches inclusion in our playlist by dint of sounding a bit like the Blackadder theme. Have a listen and see if you agree.

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