Times Red - "Not Listening" Here they are competing to see who can strike the douchiest pose (Image: YouTube/TimesRedVEVO)

Ten Worst Songs of 2013 – 6. “Not Listening” by Times Red

Published on December 2nd, 2013 | Jonny Abrams

Let’s continue our countdown of the ten worst songs of 2013 with our sixth most loathed, namely “Not Listening” by X Factor secretion Times Red.

These guys make McFly sound like Black Sabbath. It’s even got an Americanised cod/white-reggae ‘vibe’, just to ramp up the douchiness to astounding levels before any of these three jokers have even opened their stupid mouths.

The only good thing about “Not Listening” – and we hesitate to call it a good thing, but we’re grasping here – is that its title doubles up as an ideal serving suggestion.

Seriously though, this is so depressing that it’s like one of those old platform games, say Mario Bros 2, where you go as far to one side as you can and wind up coming out the other. That is to say, you might watch this video and actually come out the other side of it happy.

Happy to have played no part in this Orwellian nightmare. Happy to retain just enough power and control over your own existence so as to be able to click out of this and go do something else.

Happy to hear someone singing “Pasta with pesto / Ate it al fresco” while appearing naked with a hat covering his todger, and know that, no matter how much your confidence and sense of self-worth may desert you at times, you will never be this prat.

Unless of course you are this prat. *Waves hello* Hope you like the review!

Times Red are the musical equivalent of a poorly compiled Big Mac, with the lettuce falling out and the cheese all scraped off onto the cardboard box.

They’ve taken something sh*t and made it even sh*tter. Thinking on, that’s verging on achievement.


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