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Ten Worst Songs of 2013 – 4. “Hold On” by Don Broco

Published on December 3rd, 2013 | Jonny Abrams

We continue our countdown of the top ten worst songs of 2013 with a look at “Hold On” by “four-piece alternative rock band” Don Broco.

“Four-piece”? Yeah, okay. “Alternative”? To actual music, maybe. “Rock band”? Perhaps in a loose sense, since there are actually distorted guitars present.

In pretty much every other aspect, Don Broco appears to be a vanity outing for front man Rob Damiani, a man so smug of expression that there needs to be a new word invented to convey just how astronomical a degree of smug it is.

A lot of truly ghastly music can be traced back to Sony these days, and if Don Broco were the household names their awfulness should probably have allowed for then they could very well be poster boys for said ghastliness.

Look at this guy, swaying around in the video trying to do a baritone croon and shoving the lyrical likes of “you’re making love with me, now” into all of our lives like a cat dragging some mauled carcass or other into the kitchen, leaving a trail of entrails and faeces as it goes.

That’s without even mentioning the uber-formulaic ‘song’, if you can even describe it as such. Unless you value your music in terms of how much you want to slap the singer, avoid this at all costs.


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