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Rocksucker Radio: Episode 7

Published on November 22nd, 2013 | Tom Joseph

Back once again, it’s Rocksucker Radio: Episode 7 featuring The Mistys, Warpaint, Sleigh Bells and Morrissey.

Seven is an important, nay mystic number. Seven deadly sins, seven seas, seven colours of the rainbow (including the somewhat dubious indigo, or “sort of bluey-purple”).

All of which leads us to this, the seventh of our Rocksucker Radio series. And boy is it a doozy: tracks from psych-tinged shoegazers The Mistys and the gloom-laden Warpaint, an album review for the return of everyone’s favourite bouncy hardcore-pop duo Sleigh Bells, and an in-depth dissection of why arch miserabilist Morrissey is not what he’s cracked up to be.

There’s the usual news, giggles and unnecessary shouting, and as always, you can find all of today’s tunes and links down below. Until we see you again for eight, then, which unlike seven is not a very special number at all.

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The Mistys


Sleigh Bells


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