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Interview: Younghusband

Published on November 19th, 2013 | Jonny Abrams

Younghusband’s debut album Dromes is captivating Rocksucker at the moment, drawing our attention to what a fine year 2013 has been for psychedelic pop music: this, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Pond, Cate Le Bon, Deerhunter, Ducktails, Electric Soft Parade and doubtless many more.

We fanned some questions over via smoke signal and received the following set of replies from singer/guitarist Euan Hinshelwood

The Quietus’s review of Dromes describes it as being the perfect soundtrack for summer seguing into autumn. I thought this was a bit trite at first but actually it’s spot on: there’s a sunny psychedelia to it, kind of clouded over with autumnal colours. Is this how your music sounds to you, or do you not really think about it?

Autumn is a good season. I think. I like it. So maybe its essence is there in my writing somewhere. But it’s not intentional. And actually a lot of autumnal imagery makes me feel a bit sick. I’d rather it be thought of as a late-summer record.

There’s a nostalgic sort of haze to it all as well. How far back do the songs date, and are there a heap left over that you haven’t used yet?

“Constantly In Love” dates back to 2010. It was the first song we wrote together. But the majority of the record was written in the latter part of 2011/early 2012. Yes there are things left over, but I’m not sure how relevant they are now. I’m interested in doing the newest thing, so starting from scratch is more appealing to me than trying to get my head back around something we wrote a year ago.

Do you have material in mind yet for the next album, new or otherwise? What kind of direction do you think album two might take, or is it too early to say?

We have a strong idea for a direction. A lot of the music we have been listening to recently is closer, dryer. Faster. More space in it.

What is Nicholas Vernhes like to work with?

Well we hope to make the next record with him. I just have a trust with him that is unlike anyone we have recorded with. He gets to the point and is good at simplifying things without making them dumb, or dull.

You released “Silver Sisters” on cassette. Do any of you still listen to music on that format? Are/were you in the practice of taping songs off the radio, and if so how do you think that compares with today’s newfangled methods of piracy?

I occasionally listen to cassettes. Charity shop finds usually. But also new releases too. It has a very specific quality. I have a great dub compilation that sounds incredible on cassette. We used to pass tapes around at school. Radio-recorded comps, it was a great way to share music. It had a great aesthetic quality. And it was a great way to find out about bands.

I don’t remember people playing full albums on the radio, so its very different to piracy now. I would buy the album if I heard one track on a cassette I liked.

Were you playing festivals over the summer? If so, were there any particular highlights for you?

We didn’t play any actually. Well, we played Great Escape. So that was the highlight. We plan to play more than 1 next year.

How do you plan to spend Christmas?

Probably back at my parents’ place, it’s good to write there, and bad to go out! So hopefully it’ll be fruitful.

Finally, which have been your favourite albums from 2013?

The new Cate Le Bon / Julia Holter records are great. The William Onyeabor compilation on Luka Bop is incredible. And the MBV and Deerhunter records were cool.

Euan Hinshelwood, thank you.

Younghusband’s debut album Dromes is out now on Sonic Cathedral.

You can buy Dromes on iTunes and on Amazon.

Younghusband - Dromes


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