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Interview: Peggy Sue

Published on November 18th, 2013 | Jonny Abrams

Brighton trio Peggy Sue recently released “Idle”, a deliciously sultry precursor to their forthcoming third album Choir of Echoes, so we got all interviewy up in their faces…

Does “Idle” give a good indication as to what we can expect from Choir of Echoes? And why the title?

“Idle” was one of the first songs we finished for the album and we were all really excited about it and got it ready to play live straight away. It became the reference for a lot of the sounds and moods of the album – the way it is a bit dreamy and strange and a bit rocking but with a big focus on the vocals – so it was the perfect song to put out first.

A lot of the album is about voices and singing, harmony and discord and the way that the things we say in the past echo on underneath the things that we are saying now. That is where the title comes from.

Were all of the songs written in the time since Acrobats, or do some date back further than others?

A couple of the songs were from the around the time we were making Acrobats but just didn’t quite fit with that set of songs. Partly because there are two songwriters we always have too many songs so its a sign that we really loved those few that we carried forward to Choir of Echoes.

Can you see yourselves doing another project like Peggy Sue Play the Songs of Scorpio Rising?

We would love to. We always have ideas lurking in the backs of our minds but right now we are just excited to be putting our third album out and to spend the next months playing those songs.

It would be really cool to write an original score for something though definitely and there are a couple of other (very different) soundtracks that we’ve talked about visiting.

Were you playing festivals over the summer? If so, were there any particular highlights for you?

We didn’t really play any this year because we were finishing of Choir of Echoes but we played Green Man which is one of our absolute favourites. Hopefully we’ll be at lots next summer.

Are you still ravers? If so, ever considered making rave-friendly music?

I would have to say we are definitely not ravers and no we tend to wander off into different genres sometimes but I think a disco beat is the most you’ll ever get from us.

What’s your favourite Buddy Holly tune?

The one by Weezer.

How do you plan to spend Christmas?

Listening to Mariah Carey’s christmas album drinking mulled wine.

Finally, which have been your favourite albums from 2013?

Justin Timberlake // Alela Diane // James Blake // Landshapes // Swearin’ // The National // Joanna Gruesome // Cate Le Bon

Peggy Sue, thank you.

Choir of Echoes will be released January 27th on Wichita.

You can buy Choir of Echoes on iTunes and on Amazon.

Peggy Sue - Choir of Echoes


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