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Review: Deltron 3030 – Event II

Published on September 30th, 2013 | Jonny Abrams

Hip-hop supergroup Delton 3030 hit upon a timeless formula with their self-titled 2000 debut, so its resuscitation and subtle renovation on Event II works an absolute treat.

The decade-plus gap between albums is reflected in the shift of their dystopian future to 3040, while samples have been jettisoned in favour of Dan the Automator’s home-brewed textures and altogether bigger beats, not to mention the odd flash of live instrumentation.

Along with Kid Koala’s virtuoso scratchy topsoil and Del the Funky Homosapien’s highly evolved lyrical flow, Event II would be a triumph even without the glittering array of guest artists it flaunts with consummately concealed pride.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt provides a recited (re)introduction spelling out the state of affairs: “Politicians were running out of flocks to fleece, the middle class were fading into irrelevance, anarchy started to peek its head out”, we are informed.

Elsewhere, “Melding of the Minds” is distinguished by Zach De La Rocha’s familiar defiant yelp, and Damon Albarn croons a luscious chorus onto “What is This Loneliness” (no question mark, but we shan’t question that).

Although less ‘cartoony’ than its predecessor, Event II manages to infuse a jollity of colourful sci-fi synths into the prevailing murk, even injecting some Futurama-style humour with its skits.

Area 51 and the Loch Ness Monster are confirmed by Gordon-Levitt to exist, while a pair of futuristic curmudgeons bemoan the difficulties of eating “hover sandwiches” and the lost art of *not* looking at someone when talking to them.

We’re even informed by The Lonely Island of a “presidential dog-fucking scandal” shortly before they brusquely knock back a request for accommodation from a homeless robot, who then apologises for overstepping his boundary.

Del the Funky Homosapien’s projected proclamations of doom ring chillingly relevant on the lyrical likes of “Planet-wide destruction, constant weapon fire crushing any production of advancements of science” and “It was like a planet-wide spell had been cast / Everyone I asked accepted the baloney and trash”.

Furthermore his exemplary wordplay remains pointed and potent throughout, always on hand with a crafty internal rhyming scheme like “Outlaw music production completely / It was discreetly, neatly accomplished”, and he displays his flexibility by sing-songing an old school chorus on “Nobody Can”.

Ace production, ace storytelling, fun and food for thought in equal measures…heck, even Jamie Cullum’s guest spot is a triumph. We haven’t even mentioned the respective presences of Mike Patton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Emily Wells: that’s how much there is going on here.

All in all, Event II is another masterful transmission from three of the wisest heads in the game.

Event II is out now on Deltron Partners.

You can buy Event II on iTunes and on Amazon.

Rocksucker says: Four Quails out of Five!

a quaila quaila quaila quail

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