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Interview: Gulp

Published on September 10th, 2013 | Jonny Abrams

So mesmerised were we by Gulp’s recent “Play” single and its super-luxurious B-side “Hot Water” that we simply had to collar them for another interview.

We fired some questions over to Guto Pryce, co-Gulper-in-chief alongside the honey-voiced Lindsey Leven, to find out just a wee bit more about what promises to be an absolute belter of a debut album…

(Oh, and if you didn’t already know, Guto is the bassist of on-hiatus living legends Super Furry Animals – his starting another fantastic band could almost be construed as being greedy were it not so utterly to the benefit of everyone and everything…)

Who’s playing guitar on “Play”? Do you still share synth duties, and is that still Daf on drums?

That’d be Gid Goundrey. He’s been playing with us for over a year now. Daf helped us out with the drums again. And yes, we share the synthing. That’s one of SFA’s earliest synths, a Jen, on “Play”.

What does Gwion do in the band?

Gwion joined on drums in June and has been playing the summer dates with us. Things couldn’t have gone better and we’re eager to get into the studio to finish the last batch of songs for the album with him.

Do you have a rough idea of when the album will be out? Does it have a title yet?

Nope. Maybe early 2014?

Will “Hot Water” be on the album? Please say yes.

Could be…

How did you arrive upon that distinctive ‘plinky’ bass sound of yours? To my mind, it’s been your trademark ever since “It’s Not the End of the World?”…

I’ve just been ripping off Carol Kaye’s sound all these years.

Has Linds given any more thought to making her solo material available?

Don’t think so. We got our hands full trying to get this record made. She had some nice songs, wouldn’t mind recording them Gulp-style sometime.

How were Kendal Calling and Green Man?

Kendal Calling was fun. We played in Tim Burgess’s coffee shack. Green Man was also a blast. Moon Duo were fantastic and the sun was out.

What do you think of Cian’s new one and The Earth‘s album? Have you heard much of Bunf’s stuff?

All amazing of course. Bunf’s stuff’s got an orchestrated vibe to it, looking forward to hearing more from him.

What are Django Django like as touring buddies? Do you know if they’re working on their next album yet?

They’re gentlemen! They’re a great band, we enjoyed watching them every night. I think so… I’m hoping they’ll make a banging dance record.

Finally, what other new music have you been enjoying this year? That is if you’ve had the time to listen.

Boards of Canada and Jon Hopkins for me. Good driving music.

Guto Pryce, thank you.

For more information, please visit Gulp’s official website.

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