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Interview: Editors

Published on September 24th, 2013 | Jonny Abrams

Editors embark on an extensive UK and European tour starting Thursday in Copenhagen, so we fired a few questions at the band’s bassist Russell Leetch

Any personal highlights from this summer’s festivals?

I really enjoyed watching The Rolling Stones. When something’s hyped up like that, you never know how it’s going to go and you think, “Oh, it’s going to be crap,” but it was really loud and I was totally into it.

It’s very early to be asking, but have you given much thought yet to your fifth album?

Not yet, but we’ll probably talk about it on the next tour. It lasts for ten weeks, so I’m sure we’ll be discussing our future!

Do you tend to write while you’re on the road?

Never have done, but never say never.

What’s the difference between working with Flood and working with Jacquire King?

The big difference I suppose is that one’s an English producer and one’s an American producer. Jacquire’s from a farm near Washington so his background and attitude is very different from an Eastender. There are cultural differences.

I read an interview with Tom in which he said that splitting the band up very much crossed his mind when Chris left. Were the rest of you thinking in these terms as well at any point?

Oh yeah, absolutely. I think it was a very distinct possibility that that was going to happen.

Could you pick a favourite Editors album?

Erm…no, but I reckon I’d be able to if we do a Greatest Hits! (Laughs)

I see you’ve just joined Twitter. How are you finding it?

I quite like it, actually. Just thought I’d see what it was like.

Someone on there asked you about the fact that you play bass with a pick now. How does that affect your sound? Sharper, more defined?

Bit of both, yeah. And laziness; I just got bored of playing with my fingers.

Finally, which other albums from this year have you enjoyed?

I enjoyed the Jon Hopkins record, thought that was good. One thing we listened to a lot in Nashville was Night Beds, who a lot of people over here won’t know but it’s a record really worth checking out. A nice nighttime record.

Russell Leetch, thank you.

Editors’ fourth album The Weight of Your Love is out now on Play It Again Sam.

BUY: The Weight of Your Love on iTunes or on Amazon.

Editors - The Weight of Your Love


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