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Published on August 5th, 2013 | Tom Joseph

Jezz and Seph are pumped and primed to bring you Rocksucker Radio ‘volumo tres’.

July brings sweet sweaty sunshine, cricket and much more as the boys bring three tracks for your pleasure spanning France by way of the beach, prizes for princes and Iceland via Glasgow.

Confused? You won’t be.

The radioteers bring news featuring some heavy topics from around the global musicsphere. Spotify, K-pop and British politicians all get an airing like a washing line in a breeze.

All that and more. Comment below if you enjoyed or else we will send round Geoffrey Boycott to talk music. We know where you live because the NSA told us – so be warned.

This episode features tracks by Breakbot, Fuck Buttons and a Sei A Remix of Samaris. All music featured in this episode is copyright the respective license holders.

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Breakbot feat. Pacific – The Beach

Samaris – Góða Tungl (Sei A Remix)
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Fuck Buttons – Prince’s Prize

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