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Interview: Hooded Fang

Published on July 11th, 2013 | Jonny Abrams

We dug the “twisted darkside boogie” (er, our words) of Hooded Fang’s third album Gravez, so we pinned some questions to the back of a carrier pigeon and sent it off in search of the Toronto band’s front man Daniel Lee.

Poor little bird’s just staggered back in through the doors to Rocksucker HQ, breathlessly alluding to an incredible voyage that we’ll no doubt be hearing about all weekend, whether we like it or not.

In the meantime, here’s the real juice of the operation: those answers from Mr. Lee, and therefore the additional Hooded Fang information we so craved…

You’ve said that you’re going “backwards older” on Gravez, trying to find out what you would have done before the last album Tosta Mista. Do you intend to continue on this reverse trajectory, and if so where does it end?

I find that with every record that we make, Hooded Fang or otherwise, there seems to be a trajectory that takes us closer to the bone and soul of our intentions.

As an artist, one takes on influences, and the more you do, the more you cut down your own individual takes on the influences, eventually fashioning them into your own set of personality and tools.

Also, on an emotional level, it can take time to be able to cut the fat and artifice away to reach what is immediate, and I feel that we are closer to it with every project.

What made you decide to end Gravez with a Z rather than S? We need to know!

We wanted to differentiate between the song and the record.

It’s a thrillingly messed up album; so, you know, well done. Would you say it’s a reaction to anything in particular, perhaps to other bands taking themselves way too seriously and letting the fun drain out of rock music?

Thanks! Music and art is always a release for us, and we definitely use the process to deal with and incorporate or exercise the thoughts and stresses of life.

I wouldn’t say that it’s light-hearted at all, but we do enjoy energetic music.

Who did the album’s artwork?

The artwork was done by a local Toronto comic book artist, Patrick Kyle. He is amazing and talented. www.patrickkyle.com

Hooded Fang - Gravez

Do you tend to stockpile material? If so – and yes, it’s ridiculously early on to be asking this – do you have stuff in mind for your next album?

We are always working on various projects and ideas. We do have a lot of stockpiled material and ideas, some of which may be used, some of which may not.

We definitely like to keep ideas flowing.

What’s currently happening with your other projects?

April and I have a project called Phèdre and we have a new record coming out this year, which we are very excited about. D.Alex has a solo project called Holiday Rambler, which just released a second recording.

Lane is finally almost finished with his Masters in Composition! And we have some secret ones in the works.

You’ve probably been asked this a ton of times already, but what was the inspiration for your name?

It was the name of a boat that I used to live on as a child.

What music from 2013 have you been enjoying and/or is there anything yet to come out that you’re particularly looking forward to?

Really enjoyed the new Kurt Vile record, the new El-P/Killer Mike record Run The Jewels, the Anika record, Yeezus, as well as countless Toronto/Canadian bands: Zacht Automaat, Beta Frontiers (who has a new record coming), Ken Park, Odonis Odonis, Hussy, Man Made Hill, Paula.

Hooded Fang, thank you.

Gravez is out now on Full Time Hobby.

You can buy Gravez on iTunes and on Amazon.


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