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Glastonbury lineup: a suggested Saturday schedule

Published on June 26th, 2013 | Jonny Abrams

…in which Rocksucker continues, having done Friday, to pick the bones out of that there Glastonbury lineup so that you don’t have to. Let’s dive straight in.

Should you wake up early/be still awake, the siren-like harmonies of the three sisters that make up The Staves (11:30-12:10, Other Stage) should soothe your discombobulated disposition.

Don’t stick around at the Other Stage, though, unless of course you want to bore yourselves rigid in front of Noah and the Whale and Two Door Cinema then chisel your brain out to Example and Chase & Status. Some nice crowd-dispersing there, Eavises.

Josephine (12:15-13:00, The Park Stage) should also make for a gentle induction into another day’s live music, although Billy Bragg (12:30-13:30, Pyramid Stage) might get the engine back up and running more effectively.

We strongly recommend Jagwar Ma (13:00-13:40, John Peel Stage) for a spot of early afternoon groove-getting-on, their lysergic acid house pop conceivably broad in its appeal.

Absolutely not to be missed is the psychedelic gospel/soul of Laura Mvula (14:00-14:45); it’s highly evolved pop music, basically, and it’s beautiful, although she’s playing another set or two in case you miss this one.

Ed Harcourt (14:45-15:45, The Park Stage) should wring a beautiful atmosphere out of his piano and whatever other instruments he may bring along, or you could opt for quite the opposite experience by catching the berserk sonic assault of Azealia Banks (15:00-16:00, Other Stage) instead.

Ben Howard plays the Pyramid Stage at 15:30, so that’s a good chance to find out who he actually is.

You should probably go watch the great Elvis Costello (17:15-18:30, Pyramid Stage), and if you can stomach missing whatever classic numbers he might be saving for the end of his set then you could leave early and see The Orb perform with Ghanaian drummers Kakatsitsi (17:45-18:45, West Holts Stage).

Blimey, we hadn’t even taken Alabama Shakes (18:00-19:00, Other Stage) into account. There’s also Johnny Marr at 18:20 on the John Peel Stage but his set is likely to comprise largely of material from his so-so recent solo album, although The Proclaimers’ 18:30 set at the Acoustic Tent should fulfill your ‘hearty singalong’ desires.

Well, at least one of their songs, anyway. And, should you adhere to Rocksucker’s suggested Glastonbury lineup, you may very well wind up walking five hundred miles.


Erm…go see Rodríguez (19:00-20:15, The Park Stage) – he’s the guy from last year’s wonderful Searching for Sugar Man film – unless you’re up for gambling on Primal Scream (19:00-20:00, Pyramid Stage) having one of their good days.

The Scream’s new album is a return to form, so the gamble could pay off; rest assured that they can be quite, quite blistering live when the mood takes them.

After that you can catch at least some of ‘buzz band’ Savages (19:50-20:40, John Peel Stage), which we would suggest doing as their full-throttle approach translates brilliantly to the live ‘arena’.

Savages are followed on the John Peel Stage by Everything Everything (21:00), a fine band in many ways, and the thoroughly lamentable Hurts at 22:45.

To think, there will be people who go to see Hurts instead of The Rolling Stones. Our brain hurts.

The Sonic tent looks darned tasty what with AlunaGeorge (17:30-18:30) and Nas (20:30-22:00), while other evening highlights include another chance to catch Laura Mvula (20:00-21:00, La Pussy Parlure Nouveau) and Calexico (20:45-22:00, The Park Stage), although the latter’s ‘lush soundscapes’ might have been better positioned earlier in the day.

It’s amusing to contemplate who might go and see The Bootleg Beatles (21:50-23:30, Acoustic Tent) instead of The Rolling Stones (21:30-23:45, Pyramid Stage); what a statement it would be to opt for a Beatles tribute act’s acoustic set over the real, actual, live-in-the-flesh Stones.

Or disbelieve the hype and go see the still-ball-bustingly-relevant Public Enemy (22:15-23:45, West Holts Stage) instead.

Fuck Buttons (23:00-00:15, The Park Stage) is a good shout for your next port of call, and after that? Whatever, man, just get out there and discover stuff.

And remember: you’ve still got another day of it to come.

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