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Preview: Primavera Sound & Optimus Primavera Sound

Published on May 20th, 2013 | Jonny Abrams

As of tomorrow, Rocksucker will this week be ‘broadcasting’ live from Primavera Sound in Barcelona. Having decided for each of the previous two years running that we definitely should go to Primavera Sound on account of its unfailingly gobsmacking line-ups, we are finally taking the plunge, or at least as much of a plunge as one can take shorn of the increasingly unedifying prospect of wading waist-deep through muddy English fields, the likes of which they simply failed to mention in all of those revered old odes to British countrysides.

Thankfully, Primavera Sound is a concrete festival, so other than the inevitable beer spillages we can look forward to returning to our beds of a night/morning – actual real beds, at that – relatively unsoiled. Furthermore, you can do it all again in Porto, Portugal the following week: check out this line-up for sister festival Optimus Primavera Sound:

Optimus Primavera Sound

Years of festivalgoing has not dimmed our inclination to establish as a matter of certainty that we will see every single act that catches our eye, even though some of them are bound to clash or become inconvenient in unexpected circumstances. In that spirit, Rocksucker has picked the following bones out of the Horarios Provisionales for this week’s Primavera Sound (NB: they’ll be on different stages, so do consult the programme):


19:30 – Cut Your Hair

20:30 – Tame Impala

21.45 – Dinosaur Jr.

22:55 – The Postal Service (missing Deerhunter with a heavy heart)

00:15 – Grizzly Bear

01:10 – Death Grips

01:40 – Simian Mobile Disco

02:25 – Four Tet

03:10 – Animal Collective


18:10 – Kurt Vile

19:30 – Daniel Johnston

20:25 – Django Django

21:20 – Matthew E. White

22:45 – The Jesus and Mary Chain

00:15 – James Blake

01:30 – Blur

03:20 – The Knife

04:30 – Daphni DJ set


18:20 – Mount Eerie

19:40 – The Sea and Cake

21:00 – Dexys

22:00 – Cayucas

22:20 – Wu-Tang Clan

23:35 – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

01:00 – Liars

02:25 – My Bloody Valentine

03:50 – Hot Chip

04:30 – The Suicide of Western Culture

Note that these are times for this week’s Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona. If you’d like to see some horarios for next week’s Optimus Primavera Sound, where acts are generally on much earlier, simply click here.

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So, you know, vamos! And all that.

For more information, please visit the official Primavera Sound website or the official Optimus Primavera Sound website.

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