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Interview: Vitalic

Published on March 28th, 2013 | Jonny Abrams

Tonight, French electro house sensation Vitalic shall headline London venue KOKO with support from Yuksek, Etienne de Crecy, Kap Bambino, Goose and Dragonette, with April shows to come in Edinburgh and Inverness (click here for dates). Furthermore, “Fade Away” has just been confirmed to be the next single from his recent third album Rave Age, so Rocksucker fired him over some questions in anticipation of this forthcoming wave of activity…

Why did you choose “Fade Away” to be the next single from Rave Age? Will there be a video for it?

“Fade Away” was picked up as the second single because of its pop format and also because people really liked it and asked me to release it with remixes and a video. It’s kind of funny because I really hesitated to put it in the track list of the album. I thought it was too different from the rest of the LP…

What inspired the video for “Stamina”? There seems to be a very clear message behind it – is healthy living important to you?

This video is a short movie that combines energy, humor and a strong message about our obsession with food as well as looking good. It just won the 1st prize at SXSW in Austin. As far as I am concerned, I’m also a bit puzzled between touring, partying and taking care of my body. I do my best to make it all happen.

Do you feel any differently about Rave Age now compared to how you felt about it when it was released? Have you given any thought yet to your next project?

Yes, every time I release a new LP the few moments are quite hard to cope with as people following me don’t find themselves in it. That’s due to the fact that I take a new direction every time and I understand it. But as a musician, the point isn’t about repeating myself but finding new things. After some time and after I started to tour, the feedback got really good and I am happy that people started to get my point.

You’re playing at KOKO in London on the 28th. Have you played there before? It’s a great venue…

Yes, I played at KOKO once and its a very sexy venue. I have very good memories of that night.

Do you know yet if you’ll be playing at any UK festivals?

I will play at T in the Park and it’s gonna be maybe the fifth time there. I really love that festival. There must me some others but I don’t have them in mind.

Which were your favourite albums of 2012, and which are you most looking forward to in 2013?

I loved C2C and M83. Also Pachanga Boys. In 2013 I’m looking forward to hear the new Gesafelstein.

Finally, if you had to spend the rest of your days with the entire works of just five different artists, musical or otherwise, whose would you choose?

I would chose Moroder for the disco, Tarantino for the movies, Mark Rothko for his paintings and genius chef Ferran Adrià. I need just four of them.

Vitalic, thank you.

Vitalic - Rave Age

Vitalic’s third album Rave Age is out now. The new single “Fade Away” will be released, complete with a deluxe remix package, on 29th April through Different Recordings. For more information, please visit the official Vitalic website.


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