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Interview: HK119

Published on February 25th, 2013 | Jonny Abrams

HK119 – or Heidi Kilpeläinen, to give her real name – is gearing up for the release of her typically bonkers and brilliant third album Imaginature with a couple of London shows: at Babble Jar in Stoke Newington tomorrow night, then Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on 12th March (click here for tickets). As such, Rocksucker fired her over some questions and received back the following, illuminating set of replies…

Congratulations on the forthcoming release of your new album. Are you pleased with how it’s turned out? Do you see it as more of a progression from your previous work, or a reaction to it?

Thank you very much Rocksucker! Both, I see it as progression and a reaction. I kind of set myself a task or a question that needed answering on a personal level – with Imaginature I feel I found my answer. It is progression for me in terms of better songwriting and more mature material. Also a much more fun and detailed approach to production is huge progression for me.

Where was the album recorded, and who else was involved in it?

Album material, field recordings and initial demos were recorded in Finland, UK, Brazil and production of the record happened in UK and Sweden. It was a great pleasure and honor to get to work with Christoffer Berg from Gothenburg and Mark Sayfritz from London.

What is the strange owl story on “Moss” all about? Who wrote it, and who is reading it?

It is me reading it…voice just pitched down. It is an account of a ‘shamanic journey’ I made. It is what I saw in my “mind’s eye”, or “wherever I went” for that time. Very curious. I love the symbolism and drama of “what happened”! Still figuring it out ;)

Who made the album’s artwork?

A company called Inventory Studio in London. One of the guys went to St Martins like me – we met at a gig at the new St Martins site and started talking. They did a great job – can’t wait to see the vinyl version!

What can we expect from your forthcoming London shows?

Fun fun fun…stuff about life…plastic nature…joy of performing life manifested…oh and in my last show I gave out bulbs for plants so I expect some flowers to return ;)

Do you know yet if you’ll be playing any festivals this summer?

Working on that one.

Have you given any thought yet to your next project?

Too busy manifesting the flowers of this one. Follow up usually happens organically…bulbs to flowers…to rotten flowers to soil…

Which were your favourite albums of 2012, and/or which are you most looking forward to in 2013?

I don’t usually have much time to follow what’s going on , I am very busy pretty much making all aspects of my project…but luckily I have a bunch of talented friends who provide new music for me to check out and enjoy…like Leila…Plaid…Mara Carlyle…DOG…Goldfrapp…Stubborn Heart…loving that album now. This year looking forward to my Imaginature, Bowie’s new album and The Knife.

Finally, if you had to spend the rest of your life with the entire works of just five different artists, musical or otherwise, whose would you choose?

Wow what a question. Today the answer would be – from the top of my head – Jean Cocteau and Tarkovsky movies, Kalevala saga from Finland, Scott Walker entire works…and a top compilation of Country Western songs…just to ‘cheat’ a little! And as I said that’s today’s vibe ;) Need the sixth place for dance stuff, please – go on Rocksucker!

Oh, alright then. HK119, thank you.

HK119 - Imaginature

Imaginature will be released on 25th March through One Little Indian Records. For more information, please visit


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