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2012 Top 100 LPs #64-61: Bob Dylan, Band of Horses, Dodgy, Anja McCloskey

Published on December 10th, 2012 | Jonny Abrams

Yes, it’s…Rocksucker’s Top 100 Albums of 2012!

Rocksucker listened to a lot of albums this year and conferred varying degrees of merit (in quail form) upon them based on our own spurious criteria…

…and now we bring you our favourite hundred of them, counted down in order arbitrarily/for fun. By dint of mathematics (specifically 4 x 25), top spot shall be revealed on Christmas day. Now, let’s get crackling, and then cracking…

64. Dodgy – Stand Upright in a Cool Place

[Begin Terry Wogan voice] …and Dodgy are still standing [End Terry Wogan voice] with this, their long-awaited third album proper that seems them reinvent themselves as a blissed-out country-pop band, complete with heaps of luscious, sunny harmonies and a The Band-like Americana vibe. [Begin Terry Wogan voice] Good enough? Oh yes, and then some! Stand Upright in a Cool Place is out now, and it’ll be staying out for the summer [End Terry Wogan voice]

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63. Band of Horses – Mirage Rock

Brings to mind so many other artists, but they’re uniformly ace ones. Doesn’t really create any new kind of identity for itself but the melodies and harmonies shine frequently enough for comfort. For lovers of pure, soulful harmony-pop with a warm glow and a country twist.

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62. Bob Dylan – Tempest

This is the man’s 35th studio album – THIRTY-FIFTH – and while the levels of raspiness have gone past the Louis Armstrong mark and up to the one marked simple ‘!!!’, somehow Dylan is still able to encrust it in organic warmth and evocative musical settings. And, as noted elsewhere, he’s a pretty handy lyricist too.

61. Anja McCloskey – An Estimation

Recorded in Southampton’s Quaker Hall, this debut album from the German singer/accordionist is a revelation of ornate, fiery-bellied folk with the odd Michael Nyman-y flourish. On the awesome “Blinded By Blue” it even reminds Rocksucker of The Divine Comedy’s immortal Promenade album, and we can’t give much higher praise than that. Here’s another highlight, the single “Italian Song”, so irresistible of string arrangement…

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Watch this space for a continuation of the countdown of Rocksucker’s Top 100 Albums of 2012! Bloody do it!

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