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2012 Top 100 LPs #44-41: Naytronix, Jim Noir, A Band of Buriers, Johnny5thWheel

Published on December 15th, 2012 | Jonny Abrams

Yes, it’s…Rocksucker’s Top 100 Albums of 2012!

Rocksucker listened to a lot of albums this year and conferred varying degrees of merit (in quail form) upon them based on our own spurious criteria…

…and now we bring you our favourite hundred of them, counted down in order arbitrarily/for fun. By dint of mathematics (specifically 4 x 25), top spot shall be revealed on Christmas day. Now, let’s get crackling, and then cracking…

44. A Band of Buriers – Filth

Sounds like it was written and performed centuries ago by a bard who thinks he’s dying but really had just eaten some mushrooms with psychedelic properties unbeknownst to him. Literate, haunting and alluringly crazed, A Band of Buriers are perhaps as unlikely as it gets to be declared the “best new band in Britain” by the NME, and that’s all the more reason to cherish them. Check out this creepy cracker…

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43. Jim Noir – Jimmy’s Show

Rocksucker suspects that Mr Noir is partial to the lesser spotted Beach Boys albums Friends and Sunflower, perhaps the two most peaceful LPs of the Beach Boys oeuvre, and two of the finest. Jimmy’s Show is like a cross between those LPs and Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. Jimmy’s show, it turns out, is one of stellar psych-pop with fuzzy synthery (yes: fuzzy synthery).

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42. Johnny5thWheel&thecowards – Music To Shake’n’Shuffle To

Spiritually aligned with Jim Noir, this is a totally absurd, hilarious and frequently sinister conjunction of camp musicality and fuzzy psychedelia. We love it. Furthermore, if Professor Wheeto wrote songs, we reckon he might’ve come up with “In My Laboratory”…

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41. Naytronix – Dirty Glow

Nate Brenner plays bass for Rocksucker Album of 2011 winner tUnE-yArDs, and now he’s turned in a storming debut album of his own with this glowing, eclectic, strange and funky collection. Without sounding like it, Dirty Glow feels like a Sunshine Hit Me kind of debut, and that bodes very well indeed. Oh yes, it’s another to boast a clear Beach Boys influence. A Beach Boys influence alone doesn’t make a song or band, but as Naytronix, Johnny5thWheel&thecowards and Jim Noir show, it’s a damn good start. This one’s more electronic than the other two, although Jim Noir’s does head in that direction about two-thirds of the way through. Anyway, we do ramble; listen to/watch this…

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Watch this space for a continuation of the countdown of Rocksucker’s Top 100 Albums of 2012! Bloody do it!

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