Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine: A playlist of influence…

Published on November 6th, 2012 | Jonny Abrams

The recent release of the digitally remastered Yellow Submarine film had Rocksucker scrambling back to the soundtrack and asking: bar George Martin’s suite of classical numbers, could we identify apparent descendants for each track present, preferably ones from the last twenty years? You may well disagree with our selections – and feel free to post your own choices in the comments section – but here’s what we came up with…

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“Yellow Submarine”

The Flaming Lips – “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”

Children’s song; big, daft singalong chorus; mix inhabited by strange characters and noises. (Incidentally, we chose another Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots number for our Magical Mystery Tour playlist; we can only conclude that it’s The Flaming Lips’ most Beatles-y album, although Hit to Death in the Future Head might run it close.)

“Only a Northern Song”

Tame Impala – “Desire Be, Desire Go”

Understated ‘mind-blown’ vocal; rushing inwards trip; dizzy yet totally commanding psych swagger.

“All Together Now”

The Divine Comedy – “The Lost Art of Conversation”

Childlike simplicity to the melody; inclusive lyrics that spell out some kind of game; in the key of G, progressing into fourths and fifths (fancy way of saying C and D; apologies if we’re mistaken on this, we’re not very technical here).

“Hey Bulldog”

Ocean Colour Scene – “The Riverboat Song”

Should be fairly obvious; funnily enough, despite arriving some thirty-odd years later, “The Riverboat Song” sounds more retro than “Hey Bulldog”. Let it never be said that The Beatles weren’t ahead of their time.

“It’s All Too Much”

Doves – “The Cedar Room”

Vast, euphoric stomp; generous running time; sounds at once, somehow, exhausted and energised. (Incidentally, “It’s All Too Much” has been Rocksucker’s favourite Beatles track for years now, willful obscurists that we are.)

“All You Need is Love”

Super Furry Animals – “For Now and Ever”

A vampish, ridiculously loved-up drunken sway; triumphant and final; as playfully embracing as can be.

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