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11 Ween Tunes to Start Your Summer With (part 1)

Published on June 1st, 2012 | Jonny Abrams

The news that Aaron Freeman aka Gene Ween told Rolling Stone that Ween is no more sent Rocksucker scurrying back through the Pennsylvania heroes’ back catalogue – and now, to simultaneously mourn their passing and celebrate the tentative (at least on these shores) start of summer, we bring you eleven Ween tunes to soundtrack your re-acquaintance with Mr Blue Sky…

“Freedom of ’76” (from 1994 album Chocolate and Cheese)

The must lusciously laid-back song imaginable – and what a vocal performance! “Mannequin was filmed at Woolworth’s, Boyz II Men still keeping up the beat…” – goodness knows what he’s on about but that only serves to make “Freedom of ’76” even more alluring.

“Push th’ Little Daisies” (from 1992 album Pure Guava)

Is it just Rocksucker or does this completely absurd little tune sounds somehow, strangely, really very beautiful? It also, as noted, sounds a lot like Eric Cartman singing part of it, and was released the same year as South Park prototype “The Spirit of Christmas”. Hmmm…

“It’s Gonna Be a Long Night” (from 2003 album Quebec)

…on which Ween do a striking impression of Motorhead. Bloody thrilling it is, too.

“Blue Balloon” (from 2007 album La Cucaracha)

Gorgeous, mystical-British-prog-from-the-’70s-voiced psych-soul ditty with ridiculously pleasing toy trumpet smears. The kind of thing that would play in an elevator on a truly great planet, not the crap-infested one we lumbered ourselves with.

“I Fell in Love Today” (from 2005 album Shinola, Vol. 1)

Dig that Abbey Road guitar solo and sweetly laid-back, cool-as-anything vocal performance. Quite conceivably will have had many a person uttering the title phrase after hearing it for the first time.

“Even If You Don’t” (from 2000 album White Pepper)

Maybe it does lift the guitar sound from The Beatles’ “Getting Better”, but this is still one of the most instantly loveable songs from perhaps Ween’s most straight-faced album. It sounds like a vampy Teenage Fanclub, for crying out loud – I mean, damn, that’s cool. And “I love you, even if you don’t”…that’s just one of those ‘sucker punch’ lyrics that stays with you in your drunkest moments.

“Roses Are Free” (from 1994 album Chocolate and Cheese)

“Eat plenty of lasagna ’til you know that you’ve had your fill / Resist all the urges that make you wanna go out and kill” – excellent advice, and served in a fruity, psychedelic cocktail of nonsense. Sun beams shoot out of this song in all directions – go out of your way to get hit by one.

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