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Interview: AMiTY

Published on May 14th, 2012 | Jonny Abrams

Wolverhampton-born, Brighton-based singer/songwriter AMiTY is set to go out on the road with recent Rocksucker interviewee Heather Peace (click here for dates), so we fired her over some questions in the hope of finding out a little bit more about her. Anyone planning on going to any of the shows can expect ace performances such as this rendition of “Bedpost”, her not-quite-paean to one-night stands…

How did the Heather Peace support come about?

I was first introduced to Heather at a festival we were playing together last year. An old friend of hers from back in the day told me to go and give her a copy of my EP. So I plucked up the courage (with a little help from the Dutch) and did just that. You do things not expecting anything from them. But then, I was contacted by the lovely ladies at asking me to support Heather at the Komedia in Brighton. A true example of right time, right place, now pack your case. After that sole gig I was then asked to go on tour with Zoe Lyons, Jen Brister and Suzi Ruffell, and now this. I can’t wait.

How long have you been making and performing music for?

It all started at the age of 15 when I needed something to take my teenage angst out on. Hence way me and my mum packed a five-piece drum kit and three people into a Ford Ka. When I left sixth form I thought it would kill some time to teach myself guitar and only a few months later I somehow found myself in a band. So since about 2005 I’ve been gigging all over the shop, non stop.

How would you describe your music, if pushed? (Feel free to be as abstract as you like!)

This is always a tricky one. Rather than selling myself, I think I leave people more bemused. I’m a solo, female, singer songwriter and one woman multi-tasking band. I play guitar, drums and sing all at once, then also use a loop station to record harmonica, stylophone and all sorts. My friends describe it as alternative, acoustic, folk music with an upbeat twist.

Who or what are your primary inspirations for music-making?

My folks brought me up on the likes of Motown, Roxy Music and The Eurythmics, with a Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole influence from the grandparents, mixed with Take That being forced upon my ears by my sister. From a writing point of view, a lot of my songs came from heart ache. Nothing quite heals the heart like taking it all out on a drum.

Where can we hear your music?

You can hear it in all the usual places. iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Myspace, Napster, Soundcloud, LastFM and even on my website. My debut EP is also currently being played in a few clubs and coffee shops in Brighton as well as in my dad’s car.

Which have been your most exciting gigs so far?

The bigger the gig the more I enjoy it and rise to the occasion. The gig at the Komedia supporting Heather has to be up there with one of my best. The sound man was faultless. I had gotten myself right in the mood to play one of my deep-and-meaningfuls but couldn’t help let out a little giggle when he put reverb on my vocals at exactly the right moment. To say that I’ve played Leicester Square Theatre is pretty special too.

Got any more coming up? (Gigs, that is…)

A twelve-date tour supporting Heather Peace, which starts on 22nd May, will keep me busy for a bit. After that I hope to play a few festivals. Playgroup Festival has been signed and sealed. It’s only their third year, but one of the best festivals I’ve ever played and been to.

Recommend three albums that we might not have heard of…

14th – Hide YourselfSlow ClubParadise and Envy – Set Yourself On Fire.

Any other unsigned artists you’d like to recommend or give a shout-out to?

Really fond of Brighton-based bands Sweet Sweet Lies, Gentleman Starkey and Maker. Recently gigged with a band called Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun. I was very impressed, they are well worth a listen.

AMiTY, thank you.

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