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Live at Leeds Q&A: Post War Glamour Girls

Published on April 25th, 2012 | Jonny Abrams

It’s almost time for Live at Leeds 2012, so Rocksucker fired off some carefully considered questions to bands who shall be performing there. Next up, it’s Leeds’s foremost purveyors of sleaze-pop soundscapes Post War Glamour Girls

Hello! How are you?

Hello! we are A-OK at this moment in time. Life is good.

Which other acts are you looking forward to seeing at Live at Leeds?

The Barr Brothers, Los Campesinos!, iLiKETRAiNS, Jamie N Commons, Turbowolf, Holy State, Black Moth, Blacklisters, Garnets, Moody Gowns, Bearfoot Beware, Just Handshakes (We’re British), Eagulls.

Do you plan to be there for all three days? If so, have you got a decent place to sleep lined up, or are you going to be “roughing it”?

We will be around for the three days yes. We live in Leeds so we will be sleeping in beds I hope. I’m sick of roughing it; you get a bad back, achy neck, freezing cold… Early to bed these days for me, pipe and slippers etc.

What’s the single best thing about Leeds?

The single best thing about Leeds is the Brudenell Social Club.

Are you a fan of festival food? Any particular favourites? And what should one steer clear of?

Because Live at Leeds is a venue-crawl inner-city festival, there aren’t really many dodgy pop-up burger vans charging daft prices for ‘ground-cow-hoof-in-bap’. In their place, Leeds offers many excellent eateries. If you get the chance to stop for a bite to eat, I would suggest a burger from A Nation of Shopkeepers, lasagne from Pasta Romagna in the city centre, a burrito from Neon Cactus on Call Lane, fish and chips from Graveley’s near the market, or a chicken salad from the shisha bar round the back of the Corn Exchange.

Will you be taking any of the following with you: hand sanitizer, baby wipes, earplugs, a bum bag, a flashlight, a miniature fan, a pop-up tent, an inflatable mattress and/or pillow, a fold-up chair, a miniature stove, or other

(please specify)?

Yes, I think I’ll be taking all of the above just in case.

Do you have any helpful, practical advice for our readers (Live at Leeds-related or otherwise?)

Keep an itinerary in your bum bag to optimise time throughout the day. Drink plenty of water, pace yourself. Stay out of trouble, behave yourself, do as you’re told, keep your head down, always say please and thank you, respect your elders, brush your teeth, eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, don’t kill anyone unless you’re absolutely certain you won’t get caught.

What else have you got lined up for 2012?

We have a new EP coming out in July called Tragic Loss; He had such a lovely house, which you should listen to and buy if you like it. We will also be playing some other festivals to promote it, followed by a tour later on in the year.

Post War Glamour Girls, thank you.

Live at Leeds 2012 will take place on Friday 4th to Monday 7th of May. For more information about Post War Glamour Girls, please visit the band’s Facebook page, SoundCloud page or Bandcamp page.


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