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Live at Leeds Q&A: Hannah Trigwell

Published on April 25th, 2012 | Jonny Abrams

It’s almost time for Live at Leeds 2012, so Rocksucker fired off some carefully considered questions to bands who shall be performing there. Next up, it’s local singer-songwriter Hannah Trigwell, recently the recipient of praise from Ed Sheeran, Lissie and Johnny Rzeznik [Goo Goo Dolls], and the winner of Best International Unsigned Act at the 2011 St. Helier Online Music Awards…

Hello! How are you?

Hey I’m great thanks, looking forward to Live at Leeds 2012!

Which other acts are you looking forward to seeing at Live at Leeds?

I’m really looking forward to seeing Ladyhawke and I Like Trains perform! And also Stooshe; from what I’ve seen so far they’re really good live and have really tight harmonies which I’m a big fan of. There are a lot of of bands that I want to see perform live, it might be a bit tricky to fit them all in…

Do you plan to be there for all four days? If so, have you got a decent place to sleep lined up, or are you going to be “roughing it”?

Fortunately I live in Leeds, so while I’m hoping to watch bands on all the days I will be in my nice warm bed at the end of the night!

What’s the single best thing about Leeds?

I think the best thing about Leeds is the variety in the venues you can perform in/watch musicians perform; there’s a great music scene and a lot of local talent so if you’re into music it’s a good place to be!

Are you a fan of festival food? Any particular favourites? And what should one steer clear of?

I’m a massive fan of hot dogs and burgers so I’m hoping there’ll be a lot of stalls around the city centre, I always steer clear of kebabs, too many horror stories have put me off them!

Will you be taking any of the following with you: hand sanitizer, baby wipes, earplugs, a bum bag, a flashlight, a miniature fan, a pop-up tent, an inflatable mattress and/or pillow, a fold-up chair, a miniature stove, or other

(please specify)?

None of the above! I will be taking my lovely Fender to rock out The Cockpit!

Do you have any helpful, practical advice for our readers (Live at Leeds-related or otherwise?)

Plan your schedule early so that you can fit in as many bands as possible! It might take a while to travel from venue to venue but if everything is pre-planned you’ll get a lot of good music for your money.

What else have you got lined up for 2012?

Releasing new music and playing a lot of gigs! I can’t wait to play some more festivals this summer and get back into the studio to record what I’ve been writing this year so far.

Hannah Trigwell, thank you.

Live at Leeds 2012 will take place on Friday 4th to Monday 7th of May. For more information about Hannah Trigwell, please visit www.hannahtrigwell.co.uk


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