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SXSW Q&A: Saint Motel

Published on February 6th, 2012 | Jonny Abrams

It’s SXSW time in Austin, Texas next month, so Rocksucker fired off some carefully considered questions to bands who shall be performing there, specifically those on the really rather splendid roster of artist development agency Solid Gold. Next up, it’s LA’s premier purveyors of kookily bittersweet glam-pop Saint Motel

“Dear Dictator”

Hello! How are you?

Great thanks!

If you’ve been to SXSW before, what were your most memorable experiences of it? If you haven’t, what manner of crazy crap have you heard about it that you’re looking forward to checking out for yourself?

Oh man, it’s all kind of a blur (laughs) and the best memories are probably just illegal enough that if Austin caught wind of them they’d probably be frightened to let us back in.

Which other bands are you looking forward to seeing?

Alabama Shakes, The Magnetic Fields, Lana Del Rey, Of Montreal, Band of Skulls, Best Coast, Imperial Teen, many many more…

“To My Enemies”

Have you got a decent place to sleep lined up, or are you going to be “roughing it”?

We usually crash with our awesome friend Stephanie! She’s the best.

Are you a fan of festival food? Any particular favourites?

My favorite is whatever won’t disable me for the rest of the day (i.e. back alley Chinese food)

Will you be taking any of the following with you: hand sanitizer, baby wipes, earplugs, a fanny bag (or bum bag as we call them on our side of the pond), a flashlight, a miniature fan, a pop-up tent, an inflatable mattress and/or pillow, a fold-up chair, or other (please specify)?

Well if you’re real resourceful you can turn baby wipes into all of those supplies with a little craftiness. But yeah, all that stuff is good for SXSW (minus fold-up chair).


Do you have any helpful, practical advice for our readers (SXSW-related or otherwise?)

Come to SXSW! It’s a whole world of fun. And umm, stay in school.

What else have you got lined up for 2012?

New music, more touring, more videos, more SAINT MOTEL

Do you have any suggestions for additional questions to use in the future should this particular Q&A catch on?

Nah, all good.

Saint Motel, thank you.

“Puzzle Pieces”

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