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Interview: Imperial Leisure

Published on December 5th, 2011 | Jonny Abrams

Today sees the release of “London to Brighton”, the new single from ska-punk favourites Imperial Leisure and the culmination of a rather full-on weekend even by the standards of these confirmed party animals.

On Saturday, front man Denis Smith raised funds for the planned March release of their second album Death to the One Trick Pony with a naked BMX ride across Camden (from KOKO to The Roundhouse, to be specific), before the band then embarked on a boozy road trip to Brighton with a bus full of fans, guerrilla gigging along the way. They then…whew!…performed at The Old Queens Head on Essex Road the following day, and will play Bournemouth’s Sherbet Lounge tomorrow night. Imperial? Perhaps. Leisure? Hell no.

Reproduced below for your delectation is Rocksucker’s brief exchange with Denis, but do first take a few moments to enjoy the following videos: the official promo video for “London to Brighton”, and a clip of aforementioned nude bike ride (or, at least, as nude as one may get in public without risking charges of indecent exposure)…

What can we expect from Death to the One Trick Pony? What, if anyone/anything, is the title aimed at?

When I was a kid, I got bitten by a donkey on the beach. The donkey used to walk up and down the beach giving people rides. I’m pretty sure my sister and I got a ride, not certain if I got bit before or after the ride, it was a long time ago. The new album is a darker and heavier sound; we let AJ off the leach!

You’re funding the album via the increasingly popular medium of Pledge Music. Would you recommend this route to other bands?

Yes but only if they want to be in charge.

Pledge Music video for Death to the One Trick Pony

Prior to undertaking your naked bike ride, were you at all concerned about winter-induced ‘shrinkage’?

Clearly you’ve never met me.

How has your new trumpeter Justas settled into life in the band?

Fuck Justas! I’ve been in this band since school and I’m still not settled. Scott beats us if we screw up songs.

“Great British Summertime”

Can you describe the Imperial Leisure philosophy in a single sentence?

We just like to have fun and play music, anything else is a bonus.

Are there any obscure and/or up-and-coming artists that you’d like to recommend?

Dr Octagon.

“In a Letter”

If you had to name your top three albums of all time – right now, off the top of your head – which would you go for?

The Clash – From Here to Eternity: Live, Foo Fighters – Foo Fighters, Cypress Hill – Live at the Fillmore.

Denis, thank you.

Imperial Leisure - Death to the One Trick Pony

Click here to download Imperial Leisure’s new single “London to Brighton” from the band’s Facebook page.

Their second album Death to the One Trick Pony will be released in March through Pledge Music – click here to pledge and pre-order your copy. For more information and a list of live dates, please visit


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