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Guided By Voices announce ANOTHER new album and Bob Pollard solo LP!

Published on December 9th, 2011 | Jonny Abrams

Gadzooks! The new Guided By Voices album hasn’t even come out yet, but they’ve already announced the follow-up. Now that’s impressive even by their own manic, thirty-track-album standards.

Last month, we reported that the “classic” GBV line-up of Robert ‘Bob’ Pollard, Tobin Sprout, Greg Demos, Mitch Mitchell and Kevin Fennell (with the addition of Jimmy Pollard) have recorded their first album together since 1996 – namely Let’s Go Eat the Factory, to be released on 16th January through Fire Records – and now they’ve only gone and announced that they’re working on another album, the brilliantly titled Class Clown Spots a UFO.

And – AND – it has also been decreed that March shall see the release of a new Pollard solo album, Mouseman Cloud. How did they find the time to write all this new material having been touring so extensively over the past year? Fabulous news, either way.

Unfortunately, the band have cancelled their appearances at Primavera and ATP/I’ll Be Your Mirror due to “personal reasons”, with their apologies and thanks to fans and the two festivals for all their support.

Anyway, here once again for your delectation are Rocksucker’s top ten “classic line-up”-era GBV songs. What are yours?

“The Goldheart Mountaintop Queens Directory” (from Bee Thousand, 1994)

“Smothered in Hugs” (from Bee Thousand, 1994)

“Echos Myron” (from Bee Thousand, 1994)

“Peep-Hole” (from Bee Thousand, 1994)

“A Good Flying Bird” (from Alien Lanes, 1995)

“Game of Pricks” (from Alien Lanes, 1995)

“King and Caroline” (from Alien Lanes, 1995)

“Cut-Out Witch” (from Under the Bushes Under the Stars, 1996)

“Underwater Explosions” (from Under the Bushes Under the Stars, 1996)

“Take to the Sky”  (from Under the Bushes Under the Stars, 1996)

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