Published on July 21st, 2011 | Jonny Abrams

What’s That Song?: Common Mama – ‘A New Kind of Something’

You may by now have seen the above television advertisement for the new Acer Iconia tablet and wondered one of two things:

1) What on earth is an Iconia tablet?
2) Ooh, who does that pretty song?

Crushing technophobes that we are, Rocksucker can’t help you out with the former.

However, we’re pleased to be able to inform you that the song accompanying said commercial is called ‘A New Kind of Something’ by Common Mama.

Common Mama is the new project of Italian composer Ferdinando Arno, who it seems has soundtracked promos for the likes of BMW and Kellogg’s in the past.

It would also seem that ‘A New Kind of Something’ – which features the vocal talents of one Jon Kenzie, singer of Manchester-based band Beggar Joe and discovered by Arno while busking on the London Underground – has stirred sufficient online interest for it to have been penned in for an August 22nd single release on Arno’s own Quiet, Please! label.

Been wondering what ‘A New Kind of Something’ by Common Mama sounds like in full? Well, wonder no more…

Thank you for joining Rocksucker on our inaugural What’s That Song? feature, which may well turn out to be #1 in a series of many. We’ll play it by ear, as it were.

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