Ghost Eyes - Phantom Mountain

SINGLE O’WEEK: Ghost Eyes – ‘Phantom Mountain’

Published on May 26th, 2011 | Jonny Abrams

Imagine – if you will – Gorillaz, Brave Captain, CocoRosie and Wu-Tang Clan juggling a box full of baby owls.

Now remove the bit about juggling a box full of baby owls and replace it with something about sexy zombies (check out the delightfully creepy video positioned lovingly below). Et voila: Ghost Eyes.

The London-based spooksters, about whom there appears to be very little practical information doing the rounds, have just released their debut single ‘Phantom Mountain’ in what looks like being a major boon for music reviewers who like to use the words ‘ghostly’, ‘haunting’ and ‘menacing’.

Ghost Eyes - Phantom Mountain

Happier times…

‘Phantom Mountain’ is not only menaced by exotic, ghostly samples which drift in and out of the mix like a speed dating session in a haunted mansion – see, we’ve succumbed already – but it skanks along atop a clapping electro beat and fizzing synth bass combo that will have you rhythmically jerking your head to one side like some kind of funky Quagmire.

Giggity giggity, y’dig?

An irresistibly jerky “ooh ooh” motif in the chorus merely seals the deal, especially when it is subsequently roofed by a terrifically reedy rant about “happier times” and drowning in the ocean (presumably these are not one and the same).

You may then on their Soundcloud page explore the similarly unsettling delights of ‘Elephant’ and ‘Kill Friends’ – the latter of which cranks the paranoid revelry up to levels rarely heard since Simian decided to go all Mobile Disco on us – and you’ll likely join Rocksucker in raising a glass “to…possibilities”.

Ghost Eyes recently played some live shows with Gold Panda and, on this evidence, they could soon be provoking a similar fuss from the relevant cognoscenti. Bring on the album, sayeth us-eth!

Rocksucker says: Four Quails out of Five!

a quaila quaila quaila quail

Ghost Eyes’ debut single Phantom Mountain is out now on 7″ & digital. 7″ includes download to remixes by Stopmakingme, Minotaur Shock & The Enormous Shadow.


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