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Ten Worst Songs of 2013 – 10. Professor Green feat. Miles Kane – “Are You Getting Enough?”

Published on November 20th, 2013 | Jonny Abrams

Welcome to our countdown of the ten worst songs of 2013. It’s been a golden year for seminally atrocious singles, the tenth worst of which – at least for our money – is “Are You Getting Enough?” by titanic duo Professor Green and Miles Kane.

Yes, two fingernails-on-chalkboard voices for the price of one! Kane may be a teeth-gnashingly acute caricature of a gobby Britpop also-ran whose songs evoke only the stale stench of lager and urine, but he’s Jimi sodding Hendrix compared to Professor Green.

Green adopts a nasal sneer that he probably thinks to be Eminem-esque but/and is chronically undermined by his aptitude as a rapper, which ranks somewhere in between ‘footballer’ and ‘ironic dad’.

If you scan the lyrics then “Are You Getting Enough” appears to be some kind of call-to-arms: “The poor pay while the rich are spending / It’s all as is intended / Can you feel it heating up? / Can you feel the climate change?”

The irony of course being that Professor Green is a veritable poster boy for the aggressive awfulness that is modern mainstream entertainment.

It’s gone beyond the realms of opinion and into straight-up science: can Professor Green rap? No. Are his lyrics good? No. Is his voice at least good? Er, no. Is he spectacularly successful? Somehow, yes.

There’s fractionally more subjectivity about Kane. You might think he writes good songs, and you’d be quite entitled to think that, but it almost certainly means that you listen to mostly Oasis and, in conviction of their unimpeachability, will now settle for second-best in the pub-rock stakes.

Good for you. Embrace are making a comeback, you know.

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