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Published on September 25th, 2013 | Tom Joseph

In the last show before Matt returns from his sojourn ’round the world, Jezz and Seph are back with Rocksucker Radio #5 (five).

Topics up for discussion this time around include the difficulties of working on a computer running on German software, the equally Teutonic footballer Marco Reus, and the suspicious fact that you never see Reus and infamous twerking ingenue, Miley Cyrus, in the same room.

That’s right folks, sexism is on the agenda in RR#5, writ large in big, ugly, Radio 1-approved letters: S E X I S M.

Also, some music happens, courtesy of lady-voiced man-singer Asaf Avidan, big beardy bunch of sensitive blokes TV on the Radio, and walking flesh-wall of tattoos and misanthropy Trent Reznor, otherwise known as Nine Inch Nails.

As always all links for procuring said musical goodies can be found below. Tell us your thoughts, fears and innermost desires in the comments box down below.

Listen to Rocksucker Radio Episode 5

Machikado Keiki

Asaf Avidan – Different Pulses
Full album stream:!/album/Different+Pulses/8647054

Nine Inch Nails – Copy Of A

TV on the Radio – Mercy

Artists: , , ,

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