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Glastonbury lineup: a suggested Sunday schedule

Published on June 26th, 2013 | Jonny Abrams

Let’s sort the wheat from the chaff of Sunday’s Glastonbury lineup, shall we? We’ve done Friday and Saturday, so it would just be weird not to.

First off, we strongly recommend the splendorous, psychedelic, monged sort of gospel pop of Matthew E. White (12:35-13:35, West Holts Stage); it’s an early start but you never know, the heat/inclement conditions might wake you up early. You might even still be awake from Saturday.

It’s ideal ‘morning after’ music, so go grab yourself a coffee and luxuriate in it.

Sweet, laid-back vibes shall also permeate the Park Stage when it hosts Stealing Sheep (13:15-14:00) and Tim Burgess (14:30-15:30) back-to-back, although such is the perverse wealth of options on this fuzziest of mornings that you could see none of these and still come out winning.

Rufus Wainwright (14:00-15:00, Pyramid Stage) followed by I Am Kloot (14:50-15:40, Other Stage) is as beauteous an induction to the day as you’ll get, especially if you manage to catch Matthew E. White beforehand as well.

There you go: hangover and/or comedown nailed, brushed aside like so many malevolent cartoon bacteria from an advert for some washing up product or other.

If by this stage you’re feeling righteous or frivolous then either mood is catered for with The Radical Round Up with Billy Bragg (15:00-16:30, Left Field) and Sir Bruce Forsyth (15:25-16:25, Avalon Stage), although the epic, lyrical pop of Villagers should light up the general vicinity of the John Peel Stage (15:20-16:10).

There’s no way Kenny Rogers (15:45-17:00, Pyramid Stage) can’t play *that* song from The Big Lebowski, right? If you’re not inclined to find out, or plain not bothered, you’ve another chance to catch the wonderful Laura Mvula (16:00-16:45, The Park Stage), or you could go watch John Lydon’s second legendary group (after Sex Pistols, of course) Public Image Ltd (16:10-17:00, Other Stage).

PiL are followed on the Other Stage by Of Monsters and Men and Editors, both of whom you should avoid lest your brain shut down from boredom.

We don’t really know much about Michael Kiwanuka but we’ve seen his name a lot so we’ll mention his 17:30 slot at The Park Stage, while there’s another chance to see The Staves at 18:20 on the Avalon Stage.

Sérgio Mendes (18:15-19:15, West Holts Stage) is guaranteed to whip the crowd into a frenzy with the immortal “Mas que Nada” – you know it, trust us – and then you can hop on over to The Park Stage to see erstwhile Beta Band front man Steve Mason perform material from his splendid recent album Monkey Minds in the Devil’s Time.

Having said that, James Blake (19:15-20:15, John Peel Stage) is worthy of your time before you trot off to see Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (19:45-21:00), amusingly sandwiched on the Pyramid Stage by Vampire Weekend and M*mf*rd *nd S*ns. The XX are there to bore you rigid on the Other Stage, too.

If Nick Cave ain’t yo thang then you could see the Mercury-nominated Lianne La Havas (19:45-20:45, West Holts Stage) or former Lemonheads focal point Evan Dando (19:45-20:45, Avalon Stage) instead.

Those in a reggae-y mood should check out Hollie Cook (20:15-21:15, Gully), but then you’d have to miss Smashing Pumpkins (20:20-21:35, Other Stage) possibly disappointing all and sundry by playing mostly new material in between Billy Corgan’s deranged prattlings.

Still, they *might* play some old stuff. *Might*. Again, if you’d rather not risk it, then Cat Power (20:30-21:45, The Park Stage) is a good, solid addition to anyone’s Glastonbury lineup.

Personally, this writer would prioritise Tyler, The Creator & Earl Sweatshirt (20:45-21:45, John Peel Stage) since the former’s Wolf album is the best thing we’ve heard this year so far, but we understand that the Odd Future duo won’t be to everyone’s tastes.

We’re not totally sure what Amazing Grace Live! (21:00-22:00, Left Field) is but anything featuring Sam Duckworth (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly), Jehst and Sweet Billy Pilgrim has got to be good.

In terms of headliners, we’ve boiled it down to a choice of…

21:30-23:15 – Bobby Womack (West Holts Stage)

21:45-22:45 – Dreadzone (Gully)

22:15-23:15 – Phoenix (John Peel Stage)

…followed by…

23:15-00:00 – The Congos (Gully)

00:15-01:30 – Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires (La Pussy Parlure Nouveau)

03:30-05:00 – Ulrich Schnauss (Rabbit Hole)

04:00-05:00 – Goldie(Hell Stage/Shangri-La)

Just trust us on those. Be safe, be silly and have a cracking Glastonbury!

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