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Interview: Rubylux

Published on May 20th, 2013 | Jonny Abrams

Brighton four-piece Rubylux will next week release their new single “The World Goes Quiet”, also the title track of their forthcoming second album, so we caught up with keyboardist Adam Harris and drummer Mike Hall to find out a bit more about it…

What can we expect from the new album?

Mike: Twelve tunes! We’re really happy with the way it turned out, basically; we spent a lot of time recording it over the last six to nine months one and off. We did a lot of it without really realising it. We’ve got the single coming out next week on the 26th, then the album will be coming out around the end of June.

Adam: It was written and recorded in some obscure places because we did it while we were touring the first album. A lot of songs were written in unusual parts of Vietnam; we’ve been around with that first album, toured a lot, so it’s an ‘eclectic’ collection, I suppose.

We gather you’re quite the stars in Vietnam.

Adam: Yeah, megastars (laughs). We do a lot of street gigs and put the videos up on YouTube, and we got asked out to Vietnam based on a couple of YouTube videos that the head of the Hard Rock Cafe out there. People met us off the plane – it was like our own mini Beatlemania! – and they knew our songs before we even got there. It was mad for a band that had only just started, really, and was only relatively well-known in our own town.

How did you record the album?

Mike: We’ve all got little home studio setups that we did a lot of the groundwork in, little guitar parts or demos here and there, then we’d move into a proper studio to record the drums and do the mixes. I’d say it was recorded over about five or six different studios between Brighton, London and north Wales.

We do a lot of the recording in north Wales, and I’m from there originally. There’s a studio up there we use that’s in the mountains; we’ll go and stay there for two or three weeks at a time and polish up all the work we’ve done at home, really. We sort of produced it ourselves then finished it off with a guy called Russ Hayes who’s our hidden gem.

Were all of the new songs written in the time since the first album, or do some of them date back further?

Mike: Some of them do date back further. Most of them are new ones but there’s one song in particular called “Scream and Surrender” that’s been one of our more well-known songs. It was pretty much the first song we ever played as a band and it didn’t go on our first album, never really went on any of our early demos either, but it’s still one of our fans’ favourite songs so we decided to put it on this album. It’s been on TV adverts and TV shows across the world: it ended up on Neighbours in Australia, Heroes have featured it, all sorts of weird places.

Adam: Rob [Irving, singer] wrote it when he was about 15 or 16, so it’s been knocking about for years!

How on Earth did it wind up on Heroes?

Mike: That was an Asian connection, I think. It was on a sample CD that went out to TV producers, people who do advert music, thinks like that, and they liked the tune. There’s an advert in the Netherlands it was used on, it was used in a big mobile phone advert in Finland; it’s just had a life of its own, so hopefully with it being on our next album it will start to go even further. A track on our last album called “The Boy Could Fly” was used on the American version of Being Human, which made our YouTube hits for it go crazy overnight.

Who did the orchestral arrangements on the album?

Mike: Again, we did that. We found that a lot of songs on the new album lent themselves to string arrangements and stuff like that; we wrote a lot of the parts ourselves and recorded them with MIDI, then rerecorded them with a violin player I went to school with called Glesni Roberts. She was onstage playing with Muse at the Brit Awards recently, and she’s been like our mini orchestra.

Will you be playing at any festivals this summer?

Adam: We’ve just had confirmation on a few. We’re doing Rock Ness up in Scotland, which we’re really looking forward to because we haven’t been north of the border so much. We’re also doing Kendal Calling in the Lake District, Lodestar Festival near Cambridge and loads more TBC’d which we can’t really discuss just yet but we’re looking forward to announcing them.

Is it true you were praised by Roger Daltrey and Jimmy Page?

Adam: A few years ago there was an event in Brighton called the Brighton Music Awards, which turned out to be a really good event. Roger Daltrey was there presenting the award for best band, which we were lucky enough to win, so he presented us with the award onstage. Then later on at the aftershow party, Jimmy Page tapped our bass player Clark’s shoulder as he was on the way to the toilet and said he’d really enjoyed our performance, because we played at the event as well. We ended up talking to him for about an hour and he was such a nice guy.

Finally, what music have you been enjoying in 2013, and/or is there anything not out yet that you’re particularly looking forward to?

Adam: I’ve just moved house so I’ve not had time to listen to anything!

Mike: I quite like Bastille’s new album – I saw them on Jonathan Ross the other night and they were quite impressive – and also Imagine Dragons, who have a single out at the moment called “Radioactive” that’s really good.

Rubylux, thank you.

“The World Goes Quiet” will be released on May 26th.

You can buy “The World Goes Quiet” on iTunes.

For more information, please visit the official Rubylux website.

Rubylux - "The World Goes Quiet"


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