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Review: Fake Club’s Fake TV launch night

Published on April 2nd, 2013 | Jonny Abrams

Last Wednesday, Fake Club celebrated the launch of their Fake TV show – to be found “passed out, dribbling somewhere in between Wayne’s World, TFI Friday and The Big Breakfast“, we are told – by pulling together a ruddy splendid bill of live performances at their lavishly done-up studio on north London’s Holloway Road.


After Nymph and LTNT took it in turns to rock some pretty serious donkey balls – the former with the aid of some neat time signature tricks, the latter with an eye-catching T-shirt and lungs full of searing shouty goodness – the five-headed ladybeast that is Fake Club took the stage hostage and pummelled it (and us) damn near into submission with a set so scuzzy, energised and downright filthy as to confirm the suspicion that bigger things await this lot.


Front lass Rosie Bones, formerly one half of BIGkids alongside Mr Hudson, is surely a star in the making – attitude, ability, stage presence: she’s got the lot – while either side of her Carmen Vandenberg and Chloe Askew lay down their own particular laws with lead and rhythm guitar respectively, even finding the time to meet centre stage at one point for a quick kiss. (Ms Vandenberg must also be credited for an authoritative display of rock poses to complement the blistering riffs.)

Fake Club's Fake TV launch night

All underpinned by the formidable rhythm section of Aicha Djidjelli (drums) and Vicky Warwick (bass), the resultant noise proves irresistible in a live setting, to the extent that they might as well have the words ‘festival favourites’ written all over them in blood. Throw in a typically energetic showing from ace Swedish troupe Francobollo, not to mention some choice cuts throughout the evening from the Snaketown Records DJs, and you’ve got yourself a resoundingly successful night there, mister.

Fake Club's Fake TV launch night

Rocksucker for one can’t wait to see what this whole Fake TV shebang results in, because the impression of Fake Club thus far is of a highly ambitious young band with a clear grasp of what they want to achieve and an unwavering determination to make it all kinds of fun. Fake Club: they’re the real deal, you know.

Rocksucker says: Five Quails out of Five!

a quaila quaila quaila quaila quail

For more information, please click here to visit Fake Club on Facebook.

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