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Interview: The Suicide of Western Culture

Published on February 11th, 2013 | Jonny Abrams

As you might be able to infer from this four-quail review, Rocksucker loves The Suicide of Western Culture’s new album Hope Only Brings Pain – as such, we filed them over some questions about the LP and their forthcoming activity, and were delighted to receive back the following replies…

Congratulations on an excellent new album! It sounds like a very unified set of songs – is there a concept to it in any way?

Thanks… we are happy to know that’s your feeling about it… It has been really important for us to make a whole record and not just looking to produce hit singles or just a bunch of songs… We wanted to make a complete album in which even the order of the tracklist wouldn’t be changed… The only sort of unintended “concept” you can find behind the record is the search for a contained explosion (avoiding any kind of overflow), as well as a lot of hope, although both may seem contradictory at first sight…

Where did you get your name from? And how do you decide on your song titles? 

I was in a house club at wee hours and really stoned… In a moment of clarity I looked around me and watched people dancing, some of them fucking in the toilette… everybody was on drugs, so I thought we were really fucked and there was no future… The song titles are not simply coincidences: they rise with the own song, it’s something that inspires you… They are sentences that maybe a boozer shouts you in a bar, that you may listen at TV or from something you find at the street… Everyday life…

It may be too early to be asking, but have you given any thought yet to your next album? Or do you have any other projects on the horizon?

We are really happy with our new album and we want to present it live wherever we can… But we never stop… In fact, we have just finished some new songs about people we admire for their strength and value…

Rocksucker is looking forward to seeing you play at Primavera! Do you know yet which other festivals you might play this summer?

We hope we will have the chance to visit different countries as with our previous album… We have confirmed some festivals for this summer, but we will also like to play in clubs and venues from all over the world!

Do you plan to come to the UK at any point?

Actually we have a gig in London pending to be confirmed… We just have started our promotion tour of the new album and I’m nearly sure we will land in the UK…. For us it is fundamental to reach the maximum amount of audience in UK, something that is not really easy for a Spanish band, but we are confident about it… We trust in the promo mates of our label!

Which were your albums of 2012? Are there any that you’re particularly looking forward to in 2013?

In 2012 we enjoyed a lot the albums from Mount Eerie, Holy Other and Dan Deacon… For 2013 we are expecting to listen (finally!) the new My Bloody Valentine album and the Original Soundtrack Mogwai will release…

The Suicide of Western Culture, thank you.

The Suicide of Western Culture - Hope Only Brings Pain

Hope Only Brings Pain will be released on 14th March through Irregular. For more information, please visit


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