Is Your Love Big Enough?… Well, is it?

2012 Top 100 LPs #100-97: Air, Raveonettes, Lianne La Havas, Tallest Man on Earth

Published on December 3rd, 2012 | Jonny Abrams

Yes, it’s…Rocksucker’s Top 100 Albums of 2012!

Rocksucker has listened to a lot of albums this year, so just for fun we decided to slog back through them and confer varying degrees of merit on them based on our own spurious criteria, so as to count you from 100 right down to number 1. By dint of mathematics (specifically 4 x 25), top spot shall be revealed on Christmas day. Now, let’s get crackling, and then cracking…

100. Lianne La Havas – Is Your Love Big Enough?

The frequent trips to comedownville bear comparison with The xx, but this is actually a shame as the best moments on this Mercury-nominated debut are the stormy shuffle of “Au Cinéma”, the breezy sophistication of “Age”, the hypnotic drums of “They Could Be Wrong”, and cast-iron Rocksucker favourite “Forget”…

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99. Air – Le Voyage dans la lune

This is the Versailles duo’s seventh studio album – that is if you count soundtracks to restored, hand-colored versions of Georges Méliès films as studio albums – and though they’re unlikely to to spawn another Moon Safari or 10 000 Hz Legend type monster, this proggy exploration remains very entertaining indeed. Here’s some of it…

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98. The Raveonettes – Observator

A warming, glowing collection of joyous fuzz-pop that indicates a love of mid-period Beatles, early-’70s Beach Boys early-’90s, My Bloody Valentine and lots of juicy stuff like that. They’re not inventing anything, but they sure do make a tasty pop sandwich. Flashes of Mew, The Boo Radleys and Teenage Fanclub, too; all good stuff. This one even recalls first-album Doves…

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97. The Tallest Man on Earth – There’s No Leaving Now

If you like these warmly nostalgic trots, then do check out I Am Kloot, Ivan Campo and Fruit Bats. Conversely, if you are a fan of any of the aforementioned three, get on The Tallest Man on Earth. He’s Swedish, and he writes prettily pastoral songs of love such as this…

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