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Review: Kerkez – BOI

Published on May 3rd, 2012 | Jonny Abrams

This debut album from Macedonian techno/house producer Kerkez plays out like one long mix insomuch as both beat and mood remain relatively constant, but there is more than enough sonic ingenuity displayed along the way to not only sustain interest levels but furthermore take you on a rather colourful journey.

Opener “Mandarin Orange” is like funky house set to a gently pounding breakbeat, straight enough to be danceable yet also involved enough to make for a thrilling headphones experience, its subtly synaethetic touches supplemented by fluttery flute and some Mike Paradinas-evoking high tones. Welcome; you are now in Kerkez’s world.

“Wood” keeps the beat going as melodic flourishes and breathy samples jostle compellingly for positions, “Grass” pops and clicks with pleasingly mild eccentricity before fizzing up and settling back down again, “Hot Hot” evidences Kerkez’s excellent judgement with regards applying subtle musicality to satisfyingly full rhythm sections, and “Lemon” things scatters eerie sounds liberally over that still-pounding beat.

“Little Things” introduces bouncy, glacial synths and cartoony, Hawaiian guitar-sounding glow-worms into a consummate display of tension and release, “Red Rose” takes a wiggly skank slant, shooting out enraptured blasts of female vocal and syncopated ‘valve release’ sounds, before the fun, sassy “Sky Was” sees us through to the end of a very promising set. If sleekly psychedelic evening wear exists, then BOI is its aural equivalent.

Rocksucker says: Three and a Half Quails out of Five!

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BOI will be released on 18th June. For more information, please visit


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