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Interview: The Paperhead

Published on January 27th, 2012 | Jonny Abrams

These Nashville teens, signed to Cornershop‘s Ample Play label, list July, The Pretty Things and Dungen amongst their influences, and weave on their second (!) album The Paperhead Focus in on the Looking Glass a mesmerising form of vintage psychedelia that sounds a bit like an especially monged Olivia Tremor Control travelling back in time through a swamp in Ray Davies’ garden. Keen to know more, Rocksucker fired over some questions to co-singer/lead guitarist Ryan Jennings

“Yellow Book”

Why did you decide to change your band name from The Looking Glass? How long has the band been active for?

We changed our name early on, and we never thought of Looking Glass as permanent. I guess we’ve been playing for about three years now

Are you at all influenced by the kind of music that Nashville is more well-known for? Would you say that your music is in any way a reaction to that, or are you not really bothered?

Oh yeah, we’re all big fans of country music. Although we were exposed to the worst of it growing up, we all take great influence from our favorite country artists. But now Nashville is known for some pretty bad country music. We’re not reacting to that kind of music really, except to say there’s better stuff out there. But we have a lot of friends and younger musicians who define a real sense of Nashvillian music

What do your friends make of your sound? I’m guessing they’re not all into vintage British psychedelia, but I could be wrong!

All of our friends support us even though we’re in different genres. And I guess we play more garagey live sets when we’re at home playing with our friends, but when we record we have a different mindset. We don’t expect everyone to like it!

What’s been your most exciting live show so far?

Hmmm I’m not sure, we had a lot of fun on tour in California, I hope to go back to San Fransisco this summer again.

“Do You Ever Think of Me?”

Have you got songs lined up for your next album?

Yeah we’re in the recording process, still writing (or trying to write) as much as possible. It’s a lot of trouble finding the money and time to record when I’ve gotta go back to school and work too. So it’ll be slow until we get some help

Are you all still studying? If so, where?

I still go to school in Ohio, and Walker is studying in Vermont.

Any plans to come over to the UK at any point?

It’ a priority in our minds to tour overseas! I hope we can make it all throughout the UK in the near future, maybe sometime in 2013 if we get helped out. I’m sure any show in the UK would be among our favourites.

Do you like Cornershop’s music? 

I’ve only heard a little Cornershop, not enough to for a thorough opinion I guess…

Are there any other musicians/bands you’d like to recommend to us?

We have some friends who’re in the recording process soon to be on the market. Our good friends D. Watusi will have an album out soon. William Tyler‘s one of the best as well. Our friends The Sufis too have a record coming out that should be heard.

Ryan, thank you.

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The Paperhead - The Looking Glass

The Paperhead Focus in on the Looking Glass is available for purchase and/or streaming right here on Ample Play’s website. For more information, please visit the band’s Facebook page.


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