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NewTube: Pajama Club, Neon Indian, Brett Anderson, Laura Marling, The Rifles, Pinkunoizu, Mode Moderne, Cloud Boat, Ganglians, Capitol 6, WALLS, Blitzen Trapper, Sun Wizard

Well, if it ain’t…why, it is! Howdy, NewTube! Get your ears and/or eyes ready for Rocksucker’s latest consignment of fresh-out-the-oven music videos…

Pajama Club – “Tell Me What You Want”

(See above for video)

Impressively fresh-sounding fare from the new band of Crowded House legend Neil Finn and his wife Sharon. Neil’s sexily hushed vocals rock gently over his instantly appealing drum line, supplemented here with synth bass parps, before giving way to Sharon in a chorus which still manages to sound vaguely sinister despite its clichéd lyric. This is not at all what we were expecting and it’s all the better for it. The self-titled debut album will be released on September 19th on Lester Records.

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Neon Indian – “Polish Girl”

There’s no video as such yet for this recently revealed cut from the Texas quartet’s highly anticipated second album Era Extraña, but it’s so wonderfully technicolour and retro bleep-y that we’re including it anyway.

Era Extraña comes out on October 10th on Transgressive Records. If you need something to tide you over until then, check out their recent collaboration EP with The Flaming Lips.

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Laura Marling – “Sophia”

A typically lovely, acoustic, finger-picked, string-accompanied lament, this taster for Marling’s forthcoming A Creature I Don’t Know album – out September 12th – builds gradually, element-upon-element taking it in turns to enter the fray until the whole thing is as wonderful and sophisticated as her Mercury nomination and Best British Female Solo Artist Brit Award would suggest. Are we allowed to make Joni Mitchell comparisons yet? In October she shall embark upon a tour of cathedrals, dates for which can be found on her official website (see next sentence).

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Pinkunoizu – “Time is Like a Melody”

Supposedly named after the Japanese word for ‘pink noise’ (hmmmm), this jangly, fuzzy collage set to a suitably abstract, hallucinatory video has certainly piqued our curiosity. Described as an “underground, experimental musical collective from Copenhagen”, they release PEEP EP in November and play two London dates (The Windmill on the 19th, Madame JoJos on the 20th) in September.

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Brett Anderson – “Brittle Heart”

The former Suede front man releases his fourth solo album Black Rainbows on September 26th, a record he has described as being “restless, noisy and dynamic.” and a return to the rock band format. New single “Brittle Heart” comes out on Mondy so, in the absence of an official video (at least as of yet), here is a thirty-four-second teaser…

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The Rifles – “Tangled Up in Love”

This first single to be taken from new album Freedom Run, “Tangled Up in Love” serves as a graceful, string-laden throwback, the likes of which could quite plausibly have come from an underrated mid-nineties ban. Recorded at Paul Weller’s studio Black Barn and produced by Chris Potter (The Clash, The Stones, The Verve), a lot of retro fairy dust has been sprinkled on this song and, in its pleasingly Teenage-Fanclub-meets-Gene way, it jolly well shows.

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Mode Moderne – “Real Goths”

A ‘dark wave’ five-piece from Vancouver, this debut single from Mode Moderne is out now and is accompanied by a video which follows  a “teen wolf” – or, rather, a teenage boy wearing mascara who positions a fluffy tail so that it’s hanging out of the top of his trousers – as he meets, spends the day with, doesn’t exchange a word with and eventually gives his tail to a young blonde girl who is decidedly less androgynous than he is. All seemingly par for the course for a band who share a name with “a retail shop in Philadelphia selling exceptional 20th century design”.

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Cloud Boat – “Lions on the Beach”

Having recently supported James Blake on a UK tour, this London duo bring colourful, bassy, guitar-infused, faintly glitchy post-something-or-other to whichever table is currently being occupied by Blake, Zomby, SBTRKT and co. There doesn’t appear to be any word on an album yet but Cloud Boat live shows are being received with sufficiently wild enthusiasm as to suggest that 2011 could yet be a big breakthrough year for them.

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Ganglians – “Drop the Act”

Sounding like a cross between Panda Bear, Buddy Holly and Echo and the Bunnymen, “Drop the Act” is an intriguing enough proposition to make checking out this Sacramento act’s new album Still Living, out August 29th on Souterrain Transmissions. This song, a jangly pop number which lets in the darkness, will be released as a single one week earlier and the band will play as Sunderland’s Futureheads-curated Split Festival in September.

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Capitol 6 – “Captain Rehab”

Another five-piece from Vancouver – who’d Adam and Eve it? – these guys not only deal in jangly, faintly psychedelic sixties pop music but can also lay claim to one of the best song titles this year with “Captain Rehab”, the lead track off their self-titled EP which you can stream in its entirety here.

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WALLS – “Sunporch”

This London duo are set to go on a US tour supporting Battles ahead of the release of their sophomore album Coracle on October 3rd. Another colourful, textured fusion of electronica and guitars, “Sunporch” is not only a timely release but also a gorgeously psychedelic bit of sample-y oddness. It will be released as a single at the end of August on Kompact.

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Blitzen Trapper – “Love the Way You Walk Away”

A spot of Americana for you now, of the whisky-sodden, lovelorn variety. Dig those reverb-y guitar twangs and atmospheric effects. You can download this for free here and pick up parent album American Goldwing when it sees the light of day on September 12th on the legendary Sub Pop Records label.

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Sun Wizard – “World’s Got a Handle”

This isn’t exactly new – in fact, it came out a few months ago – but seeing as this Vancouver quartet (ooh, so close to a hattrick there) have just announced a September 20th release date for their debut album Positively 4th Avenue, on Light Organ Records, we’ll serve you  slice of their by-turns-fuzzy-and-jangly guitar pop nonetheless.

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