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Unsigned Band O’Day: Blondes In Tokyo

Published on July 8th, 2011 | Jonny Abrams

There is much to say about the multifaceted and rather berserk music of Brighton’s Blondes In Tokyo…but why agonise over a fitting introduction when the band do it so eloquently themselves on their MySpace? Thusly…

Bored and disillusioned with the multitudes of uninspired guitar bands claiming to be ‘dancefloor ready’ via the addition of one synth, Brightonian three-piece Blondes In Tokyo dusted off their samplers and sequencers and set forth with one mission – to create genuine dance/rock crossover music.

Inspired by the eclectic chopping of classic hip-hop records and the blistering production of contemporary French electro house, the band marry intelligent rock songwriting to the high energy impact of these influences, crafting noisy, catchy, hook-driven music to make all their people move.

After many months locked in the studio, with only themselves and Tyrone, the beatmashing eighties ghetto blaster for company, Blondes in Tokyo are finally ready to provide the music scene in 2011 with a much-needed hairdryer in the face, punch in the balls, and orgasm in the ears.

There you have it: “a hairdryer in the face, punch in the balls and orgasm in the ears”. However much some, none or all of these not-to-be-taken-literally declarations may unnerve you, we ought to point out that a friend of Rocksucker’s – having just witnessed with us their whirlwind performance at Camden’s Dublin Castle earlier this year – staggered outside in a state verging on religious rapture and instantly declared them to be her favourite band in the world.

If you favour twee, mobile phone advert-friendly ukulele-stroking then Blondes in Tokyo probably aren’t for you. If however you happen to be quite taken with the idea of jerky/slappy rhythms, mind-altering electronic bleeps and squalls, crunchy guitar and relentless, attitudinal, modern-consumerist-culture-regurgitating lyricism that references everything from travelators to The Thick of It cussmeister Malcolm Tucker…well, then say hello to your new favourite band.

Four tracks – the insanely futuristic/futuristically insane stomp of ‘The Tripper’s Ball’, the whirring industrialism (in more ways than one) of ‘Unexpected System Error’, the presumably Bill Hicks-inspired rant of ‘I Am Goatboy’ and the loopy (in more ways than one) sound waves of ‘Running Miles’ – are available for free download and streaming at and, if you want to meet the weekend head on with a lusty and enlightened relish, then Rocksucker recommends that you give these bad boys a spin before taking to the town as the best darn modern consumerist party animal you can be.

Blondes in Tokyo: they’re not blondes, they’re not from Tokyo but they could very conceivably be ‘in’. And what a ball-punching, ear-violating blessing to the UK music scene that would be. They play at south London’s Brixton MASS tonight in case you happen to read this in time but, if not, be sure to catch them next chance you get as their live show is every bit as exhilaratingly ass-kicking as their recordings suggest. Oh and, for added kicks, bring a friend who’s into Damien Rice and note their reactions.

Blondes in Tokyo are: Jezz (vocals), Matt and Seph (samples, beats, synths, guitars), Tyrone (noises). For more information, please visit


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