Interview: Delphic

Published on March 20th, 2010 | Jonny Abrams

I caught up with indie rave sensations Delphic to briefly discuss their eventful music career thus far…

What’s it like to be on the crest of such a wave? Is it still hard to compute everything that’s going on? What’s the most thrilling and/or rock and roll experience you’ve had so far?

JAMES: Like Matt said, it’s a bit surreal. We are so busy getting on with everything that we haven’t got any idea what’s going on outside our bubble. We just try to play better and better and write better tunes – that’s all we’re thinking about. We’ve no concept of whether it’s going well or not other than that the gigs seem to be getting bigger. We’ve always been a bit like that – we’re very locked into what we’re doing. Rock and roll wise, I think we’re still waiting for all of that…it’s early days…

What’s the most star-struck you’ve been? And the best festival/gig you’ve played so far? Any good ‘star stories’ or celebrity fans?

JAMES: We haven’t been particularly star-struck yet but this year will be a lot busier festival wise so maybe if we bumped into Bjork or Radiohead then it might be a different story. No good star stories yet though I’m afraid.

How did the band come together? What led to you getting signed?

RICK: We really came together because we weren’t into the music that was being made and felt like we had to do something ourselves. We’d known each other a while and just got on with it. It happened quite naturally. We went away to the Lake District to get our heads into it, wrote some tunes on our laptops and then advertised for a drummer – incredibly Dan (our drummer) showed up and was perfect. He even came up with the bands’ name. Signing just kind of happened to us – we put some demos up on MySpace and next thing we knew there were people talking to us. We just let other people get on with the business side and told them what things we wanted control of and it just happened. Now we just want to keep moving forward. This is only the start for us.

What are your primary influences and what are you listening to at the moment?

MATT: Difficult question because we all like different music. We all tend to agree on Radiohead, Bjork, Sigur Ros, Aphex Twin, Orbital and The Chemical Brothers, but then we really love big pop songs that people like Xenomania write. We’re so locked into what we’re doing that we don’t get to listen to enough new music, but there’s some good stuff coming out of Manchester at the moment like Everything Everything and Wu Lyf. People told us it would get busy once the band got a record out but we didn’t realise quite how much, I suppose. Not that we’re complaining. We’re just getting used to it.


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